Spring Data JPA Projections – 5 ways to return custom response

Spring-Data-JPA-ProjectionsIn this article, we are going to see Projections in Spring Data JPA in detail. We will see what are different types of projections and what are use cases to use them.Table of Contents What is Projection? If you already know about Spring Data JPA, you must be knowing that all the query methods of Repository classes will return an entity object. There [...]

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RESTful Web Service CRUD Operations with Spring Boot

This article shows an example to create RESTful Web Service to perform CRUD operations using Spring Boot framework. We will be developing a complete Spring Boot Web [...]

Generic DAO in Hibernate

This article shows an example of implementation of Generic DAO in Hibernate for common CRUD operations. Generic DAO is used for not to repeat CRUD operation methods for each [...]

Spring Security 4 with Spring MVC and Hibernate

This article shows an example of how to use Spring Security 4 to secure Spring MVC application. UserDetailsService is implemented using Hibernate. It also explains how to lock [...]